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Karst estuaries are governed by interactions between inland hydrological conditions and sea level 27/05/2015
Florida Water Daily: Abstract – Karst estuaries represent unique systems created by freshwater inputs that flow directly into the sea through karst conduits and/or matrices. In order to determine the... More >>
Journey to the centre of the Earth: £15 buys trip into Britain's deepest cave 27/05/2015
Express: The trip into Gaping Gill, in North Yorkshire is described as a spectacular journey to the ­centre of the Earth.Photographer Paul Kingston who took these remarkable ­pictures said: “I slowly... More >>
Cave Deposits May Help Predict Future Weather Patterns on our Warming Planet 27/05/2015
Science Times: Throughout human history, people have utilized caves for protection from the elements, as safe havens from predators, and as canvases to display beautiful works of art. Now, a group of... More >>
Yorkshire cave twice the height of Niagara Falls open to public for abseiling 27/05/2015
Telegraph: An underground chamber that holds a waterfall twice the height of Niagara Falls is open to the public for a week.The Bradford Pothole Club is winching keen explorers to the bottom of the... More >>
Prehistoric Climate Change Clues Unearthed in Ancient Caves 26/05/2015
Science World Report: Scientists are learning a bit more about prehistoric climate change. It turns out that the steady drip of water deep underground can reveal quite a bit of information about the... More >>
Experts investigate Top of the Rock sinkhole 26/05/2015
KY3: RIDGEDALE, Mo. - Experts think a cave system underneath the Top of the Rock golf course may have something to do with the sinkholes that swallowed part of the driving range on Friday.The biggest... More >>
International Conference "Karst, Groundwater contamination & Public Health: Moving Beyond Case Studies 25/05/2015
SPELEOGENESIS: How many times have we said “karst is vulnerable to contamination” yet lamented our lack of knowledge on this critical topic or an avenue for linking hydrogeology and public... More >>




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