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World’s deepest ‘blue hole’ reportedly found in South China Sea archipelago 24/07/2016
The Japan Times: BEIJING – Chinese researchers have found the world’s deepest underwater sinkhole, or blue hole, in the South China Sea, state-run media reported Friday.Xinhua News Agency said the... More >>
Out of the abyss: Scientists uncover secrets of last ice age in Wyoming cave 23/07/2016 LOVELL — Out of the darkness of an ancient cavern near here light is being shone on the last ice age.“It is an impressive site for ice-age paleontology in North America,” said Julie... More >>
Female student plans project to save Son Doong Cave 23/07/2016
Vietnam Net: Le Nguyen Thien Huong, a graduate of the California State University Fullerton, is now a postgraduate for an MBA in Nonprofit Management and an MA in Sustainable International Development... More >>
Erecting cave gates to save bats 22/07/2016
The Times Record: White River National Forest is in the process of installing a gate on Spring Cave near Meeker, and Hubbard Cave near Glenwood Springs is likely to be next in line.The gates would... More >>
Archaeologists Find 40,000-Year-Old Rope-Making Tool in Germany 22/07/2016
Sci-News: Archaeologists excavating a cave in the Swabian Jura of southwestern Germany have found what they believe is a rope-making tool nearly 40,000 years old... More >>
Oldest Papyrus Scrolls in Egypt Placed On Display 22/07/2016
New Historian: The oldest scrolls of papyrus ever discovered in Egypt – bearing hieroglyphs that describe how the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed, have been placed on display in the Egyptian... More >>
Graffiti vandals target ancient Wemyss caves 21/07/2016
Fife Today: Members of a Fife heritage group dedicated to preserving the Wemyss ancient caves are once again considering the impact of vandalism in the area.Saves the Ancient Wemyss Caves Society... More >>




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