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National Speleological Society Convention to highlight Missouri’s Caves 01/07/2015
thesalemnewsonline: The Ozarks’ unique underground and karst caves will come under an international spotlight at the upcoming 2015 National Speleological Convention July 13-17 in Waynesville.The NSS... More >>
How to prepare for exploring world’s largest cave in Vietnam 01/07/2015
Thanh Nien News: A tour to Son Doong, the new gem among Southeast Asian jungles and arguably the top choice for adventure seekers coming to Vietnam these days, needs a lot of exercises and costs... More >>
Aurora Advocate: Twinsburg — White Nose Syndrome, a devastating fungal infection that first appeared in bats nine years ago in a New York cave and hit Liberty Park and Twinsburg area in 2011,... More >>
Underground scene: music festival kicks off in Nerja caves 01/07/2015
Aurora Advocate: NERJA is more than just world-class beaches, it’s also a hot spot for spelunkers and music lovers! Amidst a backdrop of stalactites and stalagmites, the caves of Nerja will host its... More >>
Hades, the centipede from hell, found deep below the Earth’s surface 30/06/2015
State Column: Named after the Greek god of the underworld for its ability to live at astonishing depths underground, Geophilus hadesi is one of the creepiest centipedes discovered to date. According... More >>
Starry Photos of Glowworms in Limestone Caves 29/06/2015
Peta Pixel: In New Zealand, there’s a species of glowworm called Arachnocampa luminosa — commonly known as the New Zealand glowworm — that can be found in dark, wet caves. Photographer Joseph Michael... More >>
Re-opening Lefka mine a huge challenge 28/06/2015
Cyprus Mail: Reopening the copper mines in Lefka could prove not only difficult but downright impossible, government experts and industry insiders told the Cyprus Mail, following the break-away... More >>




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