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Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art? 29/10/2014
Science Daily: Some of humankind's earliest and most mysterious artistic achievements -- including prehistoric cave paintings, canyon petroglyphs and megalithic structures such as Stonehenge -- may... More >>
Melting Cave Ice Is Taking Ancient Climate Data with It 29/10/2014
Scientific American: On a recent visit to Crystal Ice Cave in Idaho, climate and cave researchers had to wade through frigid, knee-deep water to reach the ice formations that give the cave its name.... More >>
Modern living for cave dwellers in Utah 29/10/2014
FairFax Media: A geologist's dream house is up for sale.Bearing the descriptive address of East Split Rock Drive, the five-bedroom house in the United States has been built on 4300 square metres of... More >>
Aerial tour over Vietnam’s famed caves suspended, awaits helicopters 28/10/2014
Thanh Nien News: The organizers of a helicopter tour to the world famous cave system in Phong Nha-Ke Bang in Central Vietnam have stopped offering it after three trips saying they can no longer... More >>
Spain unsure about letting tourists visit prehistoric site 28/10/2014
Irish Times: Scientists are at loggerheads over whether or not to allow visitors into the caves of Altamira, one of the most prized prehistoric art sites in the world, because of the damage they... More >>
Deputies make 20 arrests at 'rave in the cave' in Jefferson County 28/10/2014
STL Today: JEFFERSON COUNTY • Deputies arrested 20 people at parties over the weekend inside a massive cave near Crystal City. Two people were treated at a hospital for suspected drug overdoses,... More >>
Descend Into the Surreal World of Tourist-Friendly Caves 27/10/2014
Wired: Caves are intrinsically mysterious, beautiful places, which of course makes them great places to explore. But they tend to be dark, deep and occasionally dangerous, which means they need... More >>




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