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Homo naledi cave may have had another entrance 27/11/2015 JOHANNESBURG – There are fresh calls for an investigation into whether the cave that contained all the Homo naledi fossils may have had a second entrance and whether this could offer a new... More >>
Chattanooga biologist awarded $5,000 grant for cave shrimp research 27/11/2015 It's unlikely the Tennessee Aquarium will add a cave shrimp exhibit anytime soon, but that isn't stopping Dr. Bernie Kuhajda from learning everything there is to know about their... More >>
How Tantanoola Caves were found by a 16yo boy and his lost ferret 27/11/2015 The Tantanoola teenager was wandering around a local spot known as Hanging Rocks and was calling for his ferret, which had disappeared chasing a rabbit down a small hole in the cliffs.After... More >>
Brain Food: Protecting Eastern Island’s Newly Discovered Cave-Dwelling Bugs 26/11/2015
KNAU: Roly-polies, book lice and bugs called springtails are among the 10 newly discovered insects that live only on the remote Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. Northern Arizona University... More >>
Two lakes found amid Jewel Cave that now reaches 180 miles deep 25/11/2015
Rapid City Journal: They rest in the deepest, darkest place within the coiled limestone intestines of Jewel Cave: two newly discovered lakes that explorers say are crystal clear and blue.Dan Austin,... More >>
Known length of Jewel Cave extended to more than 180 miles 24/11/2015
The Washington Times: CUSTER, S.D. (AP) - One of the longest caves in the world has gotten a little bit longer.Explorations of Jewel Cave in western South Dakota in the past two months have extended... More >>
Fire and ice: Breathtaking photos capture sparks flying amid walls of emerald blue ice inside one of Europe's largest glaciers 23/11/2015
Daily Mail: Whirling his arm in the air, a tour guide casts hundreds of sparks of fire on to the cold cave floor.Above him, ripples of emerald blue ice tumble down, forming the interior of one of... More >>




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