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Climate study yields bad news for tiny desert fish 02/09/2014
Reading Eagle: RENO, Nev. (AP) — For 10,000 years, a tiny iridescent blue fish has lived in the depths of a cavern in Nevada's desert. But a new study says climate change and warming waters — and its... More >>
Study claims cave art made by Neanderthals 02/09/2014
The New Zealand Herald: BERLIN (AP) A series of lines scratched into rock in a cave near the southwestern tip of Europe could be proof that Neanderthals were more intelligent and creative than... More >>
Friends of Karst meeting September 2014 in Arkansas 01/09/2014
Speleogenesis: This is the announcement of a Friends of Karst (FOK) meeting planned for this fall in Arkansas. Most of you are familiar with FOK meetings held every year at GSA. However, there is an... More >>
Mammoth Cave Bat Night takes flight September 6 31/08/2014
White-Nose Syndrome: MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky., August 25, 2014 – Have you ever wondered how scientists study bats? Would you like to use night vision equipment to watch bats flying out of a cave? Would you... More >>
Home owner discovers ancient underground city beneath his house in Anatolia 31/08/2014 A home owner living in the Melikgazi district of Kayseri province in Anatolia made a surprising discovery while clearing out an area under his house – a subterranean city, of... More >>
'Biggest cave' is Calders Geo in Shetland at Esha Ness 28/08/2014
BBC: The biggest cave in Britain can be found in Shetland, a geologist has claimed.Jonathan Swale used a laser range-finder at the Calders Geo sea cave at Esha Ness.He said he found it to be 60ft... More >>
Oldest Human Footprints Dating to 36,000 Years Found in Romanian Cave 27/08/2014
IBT: A new study that revisited ancient human footprints in a cave in Romania has pushed back their origins from 15,000 years to 35,000 years. These are now the oldest known and confirmed footprints... More >>




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