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Scientific dig in weird Wyoming cave yields ice age insights 26/08/2016 CHEYENNE — Paleontologists digging at the bottom of a strange cave in northern Wyoming say they have uncovered a trove of animal bones from the last ice age this summer and have... More >>
50,000-Year-Old Needle Found in Siberian Cave AND It Was Not Made by Homo Sapiens 24/08/2016
Ancient Origins: A sensational discovery in Denisova Cave is at least 50,000-years-old BUT it wasn't made by Homo sapiens. The 7-centimeter (2 3/4 inch) needle was made and used by our long extinct... More >>
Flash flood traps11 in huge bat cave in west Romania 23/08/2016 BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) - Flash floods trapped 11 people, including four French citizens Monday in a huge bat cave in western Romania. Two were later rescued and authorities said... More >>
Glenwood Springs bat cave may be closed to the public 22/08/2016
The Daily Progress: GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — The U.S. Forest Service is considering blocking public access to Hubbard Cave near Glenwood Springs because of a disease that threatens bat... More >>
Vietnam’s 2017 Son Doong Cave tours sell out in less than a day 20/08/2016
Lonely Planet: Hang Son Doong, or Mountain River Cave, is the world’s largest – but only a limited number of visitors are able to see the incredible attraction in Vietnam each year.Only one tour... More >>
Predicting the Occurrence of Cave-Inhabiting Fauna Based on Features of the Earth Surface Environment 18/08/2016
PLOS: One of the most challenging fauna to study in situ is the obligate cave fauna because of the difficulty of sampling. Cave-limited species display patchy and restricted distributions, but it is o... More >>
Slovakia’s Mountain Rescue Service confirms death of Czech speleologist 17/08/2016
Prague Daily Monitor: Bratislava, Aug 15 (CTK) - A Czech spelaeologist died in a cave-in in Central Slovakia over the weekend, the Slovak Mountain Rescue Service told CTK yesterday.The man lost... More >>




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