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'Biggest cave' is Calders Geo in Shetland at Esha Ness 28/08/2014
BBC: The biggest cave in Britain can be found in Shetland, a geologist has claimed.Jonathan Swale used a laser range-finder at the Calders Geo sea cave at Esha Ness.He said he found it to be 60ft... More >>
Oldest Human Footprints Dating to 36,000 Years Found in Romanian Cave 27/08/2014
IBT: A new study that revisited ancient human footprints in a cave in Romania has pushed back their origins from 15,000 years to 35,000 years. These are now the oldest known and confirmed footprints... More >>
Microbes can create dripstones in caves 18/08/2014
Science Daily: Scientists have found that microscopic organisms can create dripstones in caves. The research illustrates how biological life can influence the formation of Earth's geology -- and the... More >>
Neanderthals' Modern Diet: Species Ate 'Roasted' Pigeon 67,000 Years Ago 08/08/2014
IBT: Neanderthals may have caught and cooked wild pigeon long before modern humans began to regularly eat bird meat, a study has revealed.The earliest evidence of hominids eating birds was discovered... More >>
Drilling transforms the underworld: Humanity's deepest footprint 05/08/2014
Science Daily: Geologists are explore the hidden world beneath our feet. Examining the effects of human drilling shows how humans have left their mark on Earth both above the surface and deep below... More >>
Woman rescued after three-hour caving ordeal 20/03/2011
Grough: A woman was rescued from a cave after injuring herself while taking part in an organised trip underground.The 18-year-old slipped and dislocated her knee cap about 100m from the entrance to... More >>
NVizcaya to host 11th National Caving Congress 20/03/2011
Philippine Information Agency: BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya , March 19(PIA)- Provincial officials here are closely supervising the the ground works being carried out in preparation for its hosting of the... More >>




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