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Belize cave was Maya child sacrifice site 20/04/2016
Science News: ATLANTA — Grim discoveries in Belize’s aptly named Midnight Terror Cave shed light on a long tradition of child sacrifices in ancient Maya society.A large portion of 9,566 human bones,... More >>
Radiocarbon Dates Suggest New Timeline for Chauvet Cave 13/04/2016
Archaeology: PARIS, FRANCE—A series of more than 250 radiocarbon dates of rock art samples, animal bones, and charcoal from Chauvet Cave suggests that people used it seasonally for cultural purposes... More >>
Muscat Daily: Muscat - The Ministry of Tourism (MoT), jointly with geology experts, has decided to close one of the recently-discovered caves in Jebel Akhdar, to protect it from possible vandalism... More >>
Grand Canyon-Parashant bats, caves may offer next antibiotic, cure for bat scourge 10/04/2016
St George News: ST. GEORGE – The antibiotic that saves your life or the cure for a disease that has already killed millions of bats may come from caves in the Arizona Strip in Mohave County,... More >>
Return to Cave Site Unearths Possible Art, Cannibalism 09/04/2016
The Cambodia Daily: A French-Cambodian archaeological team has unearthed tantalizing new artifacts from beneath a cave in Battambang province that may prove to be the earliest signs of human... More >>
Dragons out of the dark: Six new species of dragon millipedes discovered in Chinese caves 07/04/2016
Science Daily: Six new species of Chinese dragon millipedes, including species living exclusively in caves, are described as a result of an international cooperation. These cave species have... More >>
Mendip cavers battle to protect caves beneath Mendip 06/04/2016
Wells Journal: CAVERS in Mendip are battling to protect the integrity of the landscape beneath the Mendip Hills.Some cavers in the north are calling for the government to extend the rights that allow... More >>




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