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French archaeology students find 560,000-year-old human tooth 29/07/2015
Chicago Sun Times: PARIS — Two students have found a human tooth from about 560,000 years ago in a famous prehistoric cave in southwestern France, a discovery praised by archaeologists as the oldest... More >>
Berry biology students spend some of their summer classes in a cave 29/07/2015
northwestgeorgianews: ROME, Ga. – A group of Berry College biology students spent a little bit of their summer in caves.Berry College Associate Biology Professor Cathy Borer’s summer “Cave Ecology”... More >>
Anguilla News: THE VALLEY, Anguilla - On July 25th 2015 , the Ministry of Tourism held the soft opening of phase I of a project to interpret the presence of Taino Indians in Anguilla, at the Fountain... More >>
Hohle Fels Cave Yields Paleolithic Figurine Fragments 29/07/2015
Archaeology: TÜBINGEN, GERMANY—Two fragments of a female figurine carved from mammoth ivory have been found in Hohle Fels Cave. The fragments resemble a breast and part of the stomach of the... More >>
Bamiyan's ancient cave dwellings shelter homeless Afghans 28/07/2015
The Express Tribune: BAMIYAN: Carved into dun-coloured cliffs, hundreds of manmade caves situated next to empty niches that once sheltered giant Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban are home to... More >>
maropeng: Sibudu, a rock shelter above the uThongathi River in KwaZulu-Natal, is one of South Africa’s most important archaeological sites. Its recent nomination for World Heritage status... More >>
Stalagmites pinpoint drying of American West 28/07/2015
MIT News: All around the deserts of Utah, Nevada, southern Oregon, and eastern California, ancient shorelines line the hillsides above dry valley floors, like bathtub rings — remnants of the lakes... More >>




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