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Humans Wiped Out the Hobbit: New Study Suggests Homo Sapiens Caused Extinction of Tiny Homo Floresiensis Species 24/09/2016
Ancient Origins: In October 2004, excavation of fragmentary skeletal remains from the island of Flores in Indonesia yielded what was called "the most important find in human evolution for 100... More >>
World's oldest fish-hooks found on Okinawa, Japan 18/09/2016
The Guardian: The world’s oldest fish-hooks, approximately 23,000 years old, have been found in a cave on Okinawa Island off the coast of Japan.Researchers say the fish-hooks, made from the shells of... More >>
Oman tourism: Thousands enjoy Al Hoota cave during Eid Al Adha holidays 18/09/2016
Times Of Oman: Almost 13,000 people visited Al Hoota Cave during the Eid Al Adha holiday, Omran, the operator of the cave complex, said.“Thousands of visitors flocked to Al Hoota Cave following its... More >>
Film about Nutty Putty cave tragedy premiers in Utah 17/09/2016
KUTV: (KUTV) “The Last Descent” premiered at Megaplex at Jordan Commons in Sandy on Thursday night. It’s the story of a Utah man who in 2009 was trapped in Utah County’s Nutty Putty Cave and died... More >>
New species of Wisconsin bat discovered in Rock County 16/09/2016
Gazette Xtra: TOWN OF AVON--Researchers from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have discovered a new species of tree bat living in Rock County, bringing the official count for species of... More >>
Review: ‘Finding Altamira’: A Prehistoric Discovery, Vehemently Disputed 16/09/2016
The New York Times: “Finding Altamira” — Hugh Hudson’s stately account of events surrounding the discovery of Paleolithic cave paintings in northern Spain in 1879 — addresses a fascinating chapter in... More >>
3D Lascaux Cave come to life 15/09/2016
Euro News: Visitors will soon be able to discover a brand new reproduction of the famous prehistoric Lascaux cave, complete with the feel, smell and humidity of the Paleolithic era. Work on a... More >>




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