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Debate continues over whether Stone Age people were peaceful or warlike 19/04/2015
Ancient Origins: There is a debate among archaeologists, anthropologists and psychologists about whether prehistoric people were violent and warlike or whether there was widespread peace in... More >>
Bats are in big trouble 19/04/2015
Daily Gazette: Every morning this week I have heard, but not seen, the pileated woodpeckers, hammering into trees after tasty bugs.It must be spring, because there are bugs.Last week I saw my first... More >>
Neanderthal Study Argues The Original Paleo Diet Included Flavorful Herbs 19/04/2015
Huffington Post: As you've surely figured out by now, especially if you're Facebook friends with any Crossfit enthusiasts, the fastest-growing diet of the past few years is the Paleo diet. It... More >>
Art in a distant cave catches the world’s eye 18/04/2015
The Australian: The eye of the sea is imprinted on the solid rock face of Kimberley land. It is a place that Robyn Mungulu cherishes, part of her oral history.Cyclone Cave is tucked behind Freshwater... More >>
More Evidence of Cannibalism Found in Gough’s Cave 18/04/2015
Archaeology: LONDON, ENGLAND—Ancient human remains from Gough’s Cave, located in southwest England, exhibit signs of a sophisticated culture of butchering and carving of human remains, according to sc... More >>
Cave Surveys Find Sharp Declines in Three Bat Species 18/04/2015
WKU: Cave surveys over the winter have found a steep decline in the three most common species of bats in Tennessee.Surveyors found fewer little brown bats, northern long-eared bats and tricolored... More >>
Dental calculus analysis reveals mushrooms were consumed as early as the Upper Palaeolithic 18/04/2015
Phys.Org: The human diet during the Magdalenian phase of Europe's Upper Palaeolithic between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago is poorly known. This is particularly a problem regarding food resources that... More >>




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