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3D Printed Fossils of New Human Species Comes To London 26/09/2015
Daily Times Gazette: After travelling from the Rising star cave in South Africa, the fossils of newly discovered human ancestors called Homo Naledi goes to London.  However, the remains would be... More >>
Only above-water microbes play a role in cave development 25/09/2015
Penn State News: UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Only the microbes located above the water's surface contribute to the development of hydrogen-sulfide-rich caves, suggests an international team of researchers... More >>
Eurokarst-2016 - submission deadline postponed 24/09/2015
SPELEOGENESIS: The deadline for submitting abstracts (French or English) to the Eurokarst conference is slightly postponed to the 15th of October. Don't miss it!Submit to :... More >>
Mysterious Labyrinth and Ritual Caves: Archaeologists dig up the Stone Age Past on Swedish Island 23/09/2015
Ancient Origins: In local folklore, Bla Jungfrun Island has long been associated with dark curses and witchcraft. Off the coast of Sweden, the island has a history of bad luck and a reputation for... More >>
100,000 year old bones stolen from Buckfastleigh cave 22/09/2015
Express & Echo: 100,000-year-old animal bones have been stolen from a nearby Devon internationally recognised site.A cave at Buckfastleigh contains bones from elephants, hippopotamus, lions,... More >>
Oldest traces of heavy metal pollution caused by humans uncovered 22/09/2015
Yahoo: The oldest signs of heavy metal pollution caused by human activity, dating from the early Stone Age, have been found in caves in Spain and Gibraltar, officials said Monday.The findings,... More >>
Practices in Perry County to protect endangered fish going well 21/09/2015
SouthEast Missourian: Focusing on the improvement of water quality remains a top priority in Perry County, Missouri -- not only for the protection of the grotto sculpin, but for the health of its... More >>




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