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Year in review: Asian cave art got an early start 17/12/2014
Science News: 12 Ancient cave art went global in 2014. Scientists reported that Stone Age cave painting began at about the same time in Southeast Asia as in Europe. These findings suggest the need to... More >>
Enigmatic symbols and carvings in man-made cave in England confound experts 16/12/2014 The Royston Cave is an artificial cave in Hertfordshire, England. It is not known who created the cave or what it was used for, but there has been much speculation. Some believe t... More >>
Hydrogen Infrastructure Could Be Built in Underground Caverns 15/12/2014
autoevolution: It’s pretty clear that if we want fuel cell vehicles to happen we need two things - cheap hydrogen production (should I say extraction) and a nationwide infrastructure to deliver the... More >>
The Use of Fire May Have Begun In Israel 350,000 Years Ago 14/12/2014
The Jewish Press: A study of artifacts in an ancient cave near Haifa indicated that humans first started using fire there approximately 350,000 years ago, reported.The Tabun Cave,... More >>
UK blog lists Vietnam's popular bay, cave on list of must-see destinations 13/12/2014
Thanh Nien News: A British travel blog Globalgrasshopper included Ha Long Bay and Son Doong Cave on its 2015 list of the most beautiful places to visit on Earth.Ha Long came in third on the list of... More >>
Two 'Pseudoscorpions' Discovered in Grand Canyon Cave 12/12/2014
Yahoo News: Two new species of so-called pseudoscorpions have been discovered in a cave on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.The elusive creatures, which have adapted to their lightless... More >>
Ice caves on Apostle Islands may be accessible to public again 12/12/2014
Twin Cities: The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore's mainland ice caves could see their second year in a row of being accessible to the public should recent weather conditions persist.Thick and... More >>




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